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15 December 2016

My short story “Permaculture” received second prize in the Zoetrope: All-Story 2016 Short Fiction Contest.

22 September 2016

My short story “The Invention of H. P. Lovecraft” appears in the Fall 2016 issue of FLAPPERHOUSE (both online and in print).

25 May 2016

Reading the notebooks of Albert Camus from the time he was writing “The Plague” – a near-perfect novel and possibly my favorite book – I came across the following line:
“Don’t put ‘the plague’ in the title but something like ‘The Prisoners’.”

It’s comforting to think that even our literary heroes suffer from such misgivings.

11 April 2016

Minor Writers of the Entropic Age expanded and updated.

NYRB Series

15 March 2016


Rainbow outside my window

29 July 2015

McSweeney’s published my work:

Required Reading Essay Questions Written by a First-year Adjunct Who Does Not Have The Time or Wherewithal To Do The Required Reading


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